Written by Charles Bartel

Welcome to the President’s corner that has been established to provide a forum for the President of the club to comment on past current and future actives to keep not only our members current on club activities, but also to tell others what we are doing in the hopes that something in these notes will entice them to come out and visit us during a club meeting, and hopefully find it enjoyable enough to join the club. If you are an adult interested in trains and have not yet grown up, you will fit right in. My wife says at 70 I am still a little boy in a toy store when I walk into a hobby shop with trains, or go to the fair and run trains. And that brings me to the last major event that club members participated in – the York show, in York, Pa. We have about 36 members and 17 of us were at the show. It was my first time and it truly was a candy store for train fans in G scale. It was my first time there, and it will not be the last! For those that have not attended or were unaware of this event, it is held in the York fair grounds in a building that has a central lobby entrance, and then two halls on either side, each about 1⁄2 the size of a football field.

One hall is dedicated to suppliers of the industry and the other to layouts. And there were many vendors there, selling everything from small plants suitable for the layout, to cars, engines, people, kits and a vast array of electronics. And as I said above, I was like a kid in a toy store. Christmas was never as good as this. And I never thought it was so easy to spend $200 in five minutes. That’s 5 minutes after entering the show. My wife, as others did, went with me for a bit and then went out to the lobby area where there was a concession stand and tables to sit at. They grabbed a table, and our club never left that table for the rest of the day. It became a social gathering point, as those on the vendor floor took a break from shopping before going back out. One of the ladies complained of getting a sore neck as she swiveled following club members leaving with their treasures and coming back in for more. It was a loud group! We were right next to the control area for the lobby layout. They were the other loud groups. When my wife and I, Gary and Kathy Schneider went out for dinner that night, a lady passed us and said “you are from the loud group at the show. I am from the other!” So our presence was noted by others. As the day came to the end, and some were headed for home, one member said he was going to take a last look around. After a while, his wife made a comment that he had been gone for a while. She decided that she should get up and go find him before he got into more trouble! I think it was a grand affair.

We have the Botanical Gardens event coming up in a little over a month. We have a much bigger space this year and hope to highlight two areas. One is a model of the gardens itself done by Tom Shoebert and the other is the circus layout that we did last year. When they enter the greenhouse from the central hall way, they will

see the garden model with the trains behind it. When they enter from the other end, they will see the circus in the middle of the Thomas layout. And in between lots of other models. Remember, if you want to go over to the gardens during the month of June and run your own trains for a bit, feel free to do so. It is a great opportunity to get a little run time in, share your trains with the public and talk to others about your collection and the hobby.

And of course, the crowning event of the year for the club is the fair. First fair planning meeting is in May at David Downs house. More on that activity in the next column.

I would like to close with the comment, “Keep the (model) Trains rolling!” Charles Bartel, Jr.
WNYGRS President